Before the Interview


Resume Advice

Applying to multiple jobs? You may want to think about tweaking your resume. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Carefully look at job descriptions prior to submitting your application and resume. Make sure to include specific keywords and phrases. 
    • For an example, if the position calls for 'ISO 9001 certified' then you must have this somewhere on your resume. Most companies these days use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) which is like a bot to find candidates for jobs. If this was not included anywhere on your resume or application, more than likely you will not make it into interview pile. 

Research the Company

Research the company and industry prior to your interview. Know a little company history beforehand will show that you are interested and invested.


  • Visit the company's website. Become familiar with their product or service. Review key pages such as their homepage, about us, and their blog. 
  • Check out their social media pages. This will give you insight into who they are as a company, their company culture, and what their customers think. 
  • Google the company and look for any press resales or new product resales. This can help develop thoughtful questions before the interview. You could ask about their new product or service, this will help show your interest.  

Interview Questions

Mock Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself 
  • What interests you about this job?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • Situational questions:
    • Tell me about a time you handled a difficult coworker or a mistake you made
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
  • What is greatest professional achievement?

Interview Attire

First impressions count, especially with your initial interview. Studies have shown that first impressions are made within seconds of first meeting someone. That's why you should always follow business professional attire for a job interview. 

Do test-drive an outfit to ensure it fits well the night before the interview. 


  • Conservative clothing
  • Flattering colors 
  • Gentlemen, tailored suits 
  • Women, skirt suits or pant suits 
  • Women wear simple jewelry and subtle makeup
  • Men can wear tie clips, watch, and cuff links 
  • Carry an attractive folder that holds your notepad, pen, and resumes 
  • Comfortable professional shoes 
  • Men, clean shaven or beard trim and neatly kept
  • Women neatly kept hair
  • Women, small-medium size purses, unless bringing business briefcase/bag
  • Men, briefcase/business bag


  • No strong perfume or cologne
  • No tight fitting, revealing clothes 
  • No ripped clothing
  • No jeans
  • No sunglasses over your head
  • No wrinkled clothing 
  • No assumptions of "dress down" 
    • It's best to dress business professional when uncertain

Exception to the Rule! 

For professionals in creative fields such as marketing and advertising - the interview attire can be flexible. It all depends on the company itself and the culture. If you are in doubt, contact the hiring manager prior to the interview. 

Other Last Minute Advice

  • Be yourself. The employer wants to get to know the real you and to see if you will fit within their company culture. 
  • Print directions and have your travel route ready and take a practice drive to the interview site 
  • Print multiple copies of your resume to bring to the interview 
  • Eat a small meal or easy-to-digest food before the interview 
  • Plan your outfit according to the local forecast and have it ironed and ready to go for the day of the interview 
  • Pack your bag and set multiple alarms 
  • Practice your elevator speech 
  • Get 8 hours of sleep, so you will feel refreshed in the morning 
  • Give yourself a pep talk before the interview!