LinkedIn can be especially useful for veterans because of the powerful tool of networking. It can help connect you with military officers outside of the classified online system you were used to having while in service. It is important to create a profile that is strong and that will attract recruiters.


When making your LinkedIn here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Clean Up Your Online Image: Keep all of your online profiles clean and free from offensive content that may be inappropriate. 
  • Promote Your Brand: Become active on industry-related networking sites and join groups to become an active member in your industry-related niche. This will help you network and hang out with like-minded professionals like yourself. 
  • Develop Your Brand: You want to develop a personal brand for yourself. You want to develop a clear image of who you are as a professional and what you have to offer to potential employers. 
  • Know Your Talking Points: Be prepared to sell yourself and be confident. Being prepared and practicing mock interview questions or what you may say to others will help you gain confidence. 
  • Be Resume Ready: Always have copies of your resumes on hand, you never know who you may run into when you may be getting your morning coffee. Being prepared always could lead you to your next job.